Buses, trains but no planes

This is my latest travel book which I have recently uploaded to Amazon Kindle. I have been writing it since 2019 on and off and am very...


Birdsong The natural soundtrack to my silent retreat Making me smile on hearing it in the morning And in the evening preparing me for...

Come on 2022!

In completing the review of 2021, you may have found that there are goals still outstanding so be honest with yourself

Journal your walks

Journaling can be used for any activity we do as well as writing through our thoughts.

Joys of travel journaling

Journaling is like talking to your best friend and having all the benefits that brings as long as you stay open-minded

Mindfulness for NQTs: Review

Some posts covered how you can present yourself as a teacher and create a great classroom environment and atmosphere to support you

Mindfulness for NQTs: Mantra

As a MFL teacher, I always spoke the main language I was teaching around the school so outside of class

Mindfulness for NQTs: Move

Move your body as much as you can as it is so easy to get stuck in a position where we hold ourselves whilst teaching

Mindfulness for NQTs: Self-Care

Once you’ve answered those questions, hopefully you have an idea of your patterns when you do take care of yourself