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Visiting Vaduz overnight

Liechtenstein has always been a country (principality) I’ve wanted to visit so when I knew I would be in Innsbruck, it seemed close enough to finally visit. I was told by a tourism officer in Prague that ‘Oh you can just drive through Liechtenstein in a day’. That was definitely not part of my plan as for me a drive thru is surely what you do at McDonalds or somewhere but certainly not a country. From Innsbruck, it took just under 3 hours taking a train to Feldkirch, a city o

Review: Our A to Z

Wow, we made it! It is now time for us to review our travel alphabet this year. When we set out on this journey, our main idea was to be able to offer advice and travel encouragement as well as sharing stories and tips with and from those amongst us who love travelling. We are lucky to have had contributions from many other travel writers who have provided one or more ideas or contributions and we have travelled through a number of countries. Let’s review our journey! So, did

Zoo, Chester Zoo

Alison Laycock I have to be honest before I even start this post and confess that I am not a Zoo person, however I am writing it because in September, I took my goddaughter to Chester Zoo. What an amazing day out for a child to see such a variety of animals living in reasonable conditions. My 6 year old goddaughter and I arrived at the Zoo for opening time at 10am and left as the zoo was closing at 5pm which shows just how much there is to see and do. In 2017, Chester Zoo was

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