How my travel experience is helping me during lockdown

When lockdown was finally announced in the UK, I felt very lucky as my travel plans were already bringing me home that day and it therefore felt a bit more like choice than push. Yes, my travel was being cut short, however I was already due home for a dentist appointment (which was subsequently cancelled) and how amazing that when I booked those dates, I didn’t know how it would help me in many more ways than simply having some dental work done. I’ve written more on the trave

45 of my life learnings so far

As I turn 45, I wanted to think of 45 learnings I have and the idea of sharing them made me focus more than maybe I would have if I was just doing it on my own. There were some learnings that came to mind immediately and others that snuck through. So, I decided to do it over a few days, writing down anything that came to mind in different sessions and then to see which ones kept coming up and they would clearly make the top 45. These are in no particular order apart from mayb

Practising Gratitude

It is far too easy to focus on the areas of our lives where we feel a lack of something or where we feel the need to complain. This blog begins with this statement as it is often the first place people’s minds go to even when they hear of gratitude so lets get the negativity out of the way so we can focus on the positive message of this blog. Practising gratitude goes beyond simply saying thanks and moving on. It’s more about feeling the joy and acknowledging what it is exact