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2 weeks 4 cities in the Netherlands: Part 1

Alison Laycock So, yes 2 weeks 4 cities have gone by but not in a blur. It’s been great as I’ve been able to enjoy the 4 cities I visited over 2 weeks. Arriving in Amsterdam by Eurostar was amazing and I got to spend 5 nights staying in the museum district, then I took the train to Groningen where I spent 3 nights and if anything I wish I had spent 4 nights there although I did manage to fit in everything I wanted to do with added surprises. Next came Leeuwarden, the European

Discovering Groningen

Alison Laycock The only thing I knew about Groningen ahead of arriving was that it was a university city. After 5 nights in Amsterdam, my first impression of Groningen was that it was much quieter and the streets were easily walkable. Maybe because I arrived on a Sunday, I don’t know. As I was too early to book into the hotel, I was happy to leave my luggage and go discover. Although I was hungry, my first stop was the tourist office so I could see what there was to do during

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