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2 weeks 4 cities in the Netherlands: Part 1

Alison Laycock So, yes 2 weeks 4 cities have gone by but not in a blur. It’s been great as I’ve been able to enjoy the 4 cities I visited over 2 weeks. Arriving in Amsterdam by Eurostar was amazing and I got to spend 5 nights staying in the museum district, then I took the train to Groningen where I spent 3 nights and if anything I wish I had spent 4 nights there although I did manage to fit in everything I wanted to do with added surprises. Next came Leeuwarden, the European

Leeuwarden welcomes you

Alison Laycock Leeuwarden is European Capital of Culture for 2018 which is clearly marked wherever you go and there are so many ways that this is marked. You can enjoy all that is on offer from museums, thought-provoking exhibitions, statues, language and culture information or perhaps a free City tour appeals to you. If like me then all of those will fill your time but really the appeal will come from roaming the streets, people-watching with a coffee in hand and a blanket o

Leeuwarden asks ‘What’s your story?’

Alison Laycock When I walked into Leeuwarden’s City Hall, I noticed a structure to my left in the foyer area. However it was only when I saw the leaflet which went with it that I realised how special this display was. Pieter, who works at the City Hall was able to explain more to me. Read on to hear all that he has to say about it and maybe you’ll be able to answer for yourself ‘What’s your story?’. We have this piece of Artwork here at City Hall which is something I love as

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