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Love for imperfect things: Haemin Sunim

With the subtitle ‘How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection’, this is a worthy sequel to ‘The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down’. This book holds a key message that will benefit anyone who picks it up, whether you choose passages or read it all the way through, there will be something which resonates with you. On discussing my thoughts about the first book with a friend, I learnt that there was already a second as I had been late in reading the first

What’s in your ‘GO’ bag?

Since returning to my family home for lockdown to stay safe, I’ve been organising my belongings to make room for me now. I’m also creating space for whatever will come during the next few months and maybe longer as we don’t have all the answers so far. The clothes I leave in my room whilst I travel have been sorted through with no doubt more to do in the coming weeks, however for now they are in their Keep, Sell and Donate piles ready for me to take action when I can to take

Mindful Travel (2)

Last year for the letter ‘M’, I wrote about Mindful Travel and now that I have started my own mindfulness business and am offering courses in Mindful Travel, I wanted to see if there would be any difference in what I wrote. I haven’t read the previous one yet as i wanted to post this one first. Why and how is mindfulness important in travel? There are many ways and I’m going to share a few thoughts with you. These thoughts come from experience gained through travel over the y

Mindful Travel

Leah Almond There is lots to read on Mindfulness and living a mindful life in general. This also applies to travel and how we spend our holidays. For many, holidays and travel used to provide people with a good opportunity to be more mindful. However now more and more people seem to be losing that relaxation time as holidays become packed with activities and social media offers opportunities for the phone to be continually used to document experiences and interactions. People

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