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A reflection from Jokhang temple, Lhasa, Tibet

People bustling by, so close I can feel their breath against my cheeks and the sound of their prayer wheels whizzing round as they continue past me on their Kora around the Barkor circuit. I am struck by much more than simply needing to adjust to the altitude. The constant release of incense just in front of the Jokhang temple takes a while to take in for both my nose and eyes as I observe everything through the haze. Standing for a few minutes taking in the atmosphere, this

The first trip to start my 40 countries in my 40s challenge

Alison takes us back to her very first trip in her ’40 countries in my 40s challenge’. She posted it on her new blog ’’ and we wanted to  also post it on here as a lot of you have followed the journeys she shared on here already. We hope you enjoy it. Tibet is a country I had wanted to visit for years, however as the years went by and I still hadn’t had the money or time to go, I realised I had to set it as a landmark trip in order to make sure I w

Intentions for travelling

This post comes from a discussion amongst a lot of the people who write for this blog and our sister blog We were talking about holidays taken, places visited and countries still on our bucket lists and why we would visit them or why we had decided not to. Intentions are important to think about when visiting some countries or choosing types of holidays and we want to cover some here. Amongst our group we have people who put a lot of th

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