Mindful Travel (2)

Last year for the letter ‘M’, I wrote about Mindful Travel and now that I have started my own mindfulness business and am offering courses in Mindful Travel, I wanted to see if there would be any difference in what I wrote. I haven’t read the previous one yet as i wanted to post this one first. Why and how is mindfulness important in travel? There are many ways and I’m going to share a few thoughts with you. These thoughts come from experience gained through travel over the y

Review: Our A to Z

Wow, we made it! It is now time for us to review our travel alphabet this year. When we set out on this journey, our main idea was to be able to offer advice and travel encouragement as well as sharing stories and tips with and from those amongst us who love travelling. We are lucky to have had contributions from many other travel writers who have provided one or more ideas or contributions and we have travelled through a number of countries. Let’s review our journey! So, did

It all comes together in Maastricht

Alison Laycock Before I even arrived in Maastricht, the feeling of my month in the Netherlands all coming together to an end was strong. This month has challenged my understanding of geography in so many ways and this is also represented by Maastricht which is right at the tip of the Netherlands close to the borders with Belgium and Germany. Walking around Maastricht, I was struck with how French it felt to me too. In fact, you could easily believe you were in so many differe

P for Photo Etiquette

Alison Laycock Travel is my great love and after that taking photos of my travels, the people I meet and the places I see and sharing them with others either with friends or as an educational tool in my lessons is a close second. However, I have noticed during my last few travels that things are changing. My love for it remains the same although some frustrations creep in as I see changes in other people’s attitude towards taking photos or more importantly their disregard for

Learning languages for travel

John Brok Languages are an important aspect of travel. There is no longer a good argument for believing you don’t need to learn any of a language simply because you think everyone should know yours. With the world getting smaller and families becoming a mixture of cultures and nationalities as well as travelling being easier and more accessible, now is the time to be open to learning a language. I’ve always known the value of learning and using foreign languages in addition t