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Interview with Alison, one of our bloggers

Since we started our sister travel blog, we have been lucky to have a lot of posts covered by Alison Laycock, one of our bloggers who also writes for this blog. She has shared her Camino experience as well as her recent travels around Netherlands, Scandinavia, Luxembourg and Belgium. Over the past few months, we have received many questions for Alison about her travels and she finally agreed to do an interview during her recent travels. The questions have come from readers of

Leeuwarden asks ‘What’s your story?’

Alison Laycock When I walked into Leeuwarden’s City Hall, I noticed a structure to my left in the foyer area. However it was only when I saw the leaflet which went with it that I realised how special this display was. Pieter, who works at the City Hall was able to explain more to me. Read on to hear all that he has to say about it and maybe you’ll be able to answer for yourself ‘What’s your story?’. We have this piece of Artwork here at City Hall which is something I love as

Joys of travel journaling

Louisa C Kecofh Journaling is more than keeping a diary. It offers the chance to engage in a beautiful friendship with yourself as you share the best and worst stages of your journey/ holiday. All those experiences you wish to keep as a wonderful memory can be preserved in ink, those feelings you need to figure out but don’t wish to share with anyone just yet and the letters you wish to write but have no plan on sending can be shared with your journal. Journaling is like talk

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