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Crossing ‘The Bridge’ to Malmö

Alison Laycock Malmö has been on my radar since way back in 1994 when during my year studying in Tours, France I met students from many countries around the world. One of those was a Swedish student who talked about her university city which happened to be Malmö. Since then, I’ve considered visiting and then of course when I watched the latest (final) series (the only one I’ve watched) of ‘The Bridge’, I knew that well, I just had to cross that bridge especially as I had alre

Rotterdam makes it happen

Alison Laycock Rotterdam wasn’t on my first list of places to visit during this month in the Netherlands. However ever since the Eurostar made a stop at Rotterdam central on the way to Amsterdam, I have not been able to get the Beautiful South song out of my head so I gave in. There was also a direct Flixbus ride from Leeuwarden so it made sense to visit ahead of The Hague. The first impression on walking through the centre of Rotterdam was that it is nothing like Amsterdam.

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