It’s not our differences that separate us but our similarities that bind us (2)

My teaching inspiration: A headteacher in Dargala, Cameroon I’ve always felt that good teachers are evident all the time, even outside of their classroom. It’s never a surprise, therefore, when I meet someone and can see immediately, even when they are not teaching, that they are or would make a good teacher. There is something about good teachers as human beings in general; how they interact, how they listen to people, how they give their time and eye contact to others, how

It is not our differences that separate us but our similarities that bind us (1)

The other day whilst sitting in my hotel room in Venice, I received a Skype message. Luckily, as I was connected to the internet, I was able to access it immediately and engage in a conversation rather than looking at a sole message hours later when I would have regretted missing it. The message came from Roman ji, a Nepali colleague from my time in Bhairahawa in 2013/14. I haven’t seen him since early 2014 if not late 2013 when I left my placement, however we maintained in c

45 of my travel learnings so far

Recently, I shared 45 of my life learnings so far when I turned 45 in April. A lot of the things which came to mind were also linked to travel so I decided to do a special travel one. Travel has been a big part of my 45 years even when I wasn’t able to travel, I was learning languages, reading books set abroad and also learning capitals when I was younger and getting others to test me. Here are 45 of my learnings, what would yours be? If travel is your dream then go for it, d

Learning languages for travel

John Brok Languages are an important aspect of travel. There is no longer a good argument for believing you don’t need to learn any of a language simply because you think everyone should know yours. With the world getting smaller and families becoming a mixture of cultures and nationalities as well as travelling being easier and more accessible, now is the time to be open to learning a language. I’ve always known the value of learning and using foreign languages in addition t