It is not our differences that separate us but our similarities that bind us (1)

The other day whilst sitting in my hotel room in Venice, I received a Skype message. Luckily, as I was connected to the internet, I was able to access it immediately and engage in a conversation rather than looking at a sole message hours later when I would have regretted missing it. The message came from Roman ji, a Nepali colleague from my time in Bhairahawa in 2013/14. I haven’t seen him since early 2014 if not late 2013 when I left my placement, however we maintained in c

Self-care/ staying healthy whilst travelling

Self-care is important on a daily basis, however the routines that we build up in our ‘usual’ life can be easily forgotten when we travel. Therefore, it is important to consider how you will stay healthy during your travels/ holidays, well before you pack your suitcase. When we travel or holiday whether it is alone or with our friends or family, we often give ourselves the opportunity to experience new things and try out different foods and drinks. All of this is great and of