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An excerpt from: 'Journal through life's journey: Always leave your footprints in the sand'

Alison Laycock

Journal prompts

I wasn’t sure what to include for this excerpt as there are introduction parts where I share the benefits of journaling, different types of journaling and how journaling has helped me in the past and currently. However, I am still so excited about the prompts and how they can help people just as much as they have helped me and continue to help me, I decided in the end to share the first 10 journal prompts.

If you enjoy these, there are 500+ in the book which is priced at only £7.99 and well worth that price so it won’t be changed in any promotion offers when other books are published which I have done previously.

Journal prompts

  • Write about your day.

  • How do you feel right now?

  • Write about what you are using to journal. Pen, pencil, notebook or whatever else you are journaling with. Why have you chosen those items today?

  • What messages do you see in the clouds today?

  • Describe what you are wearing today. Why did you choose those clothes?

  • Where are you writing today? Describe it in as much detail as you wish to. Why have you chosen to journal here?

  • What do you want? List 10 things you want for yourself. For each item, write a small step you can take today to move towards what you want.

  • What are the 10 biggest things that happened to you/for you this year?

  • What new things do you want to try?

  • What have you done so far in your life?

If you have enjoyed these and want to try the others, here is the link to the Amazon page to buy it. If you do then many thanks in advance, writers make a living from selling their books not writing them and it would be a pleasure for me to know it is helping others.

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