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An excerpt from ‘Self-Compassion: 31 -day challenge to take care of yourself by Alison Laycock

Choosing an excerpt from a book can often be a difficult process, however these 31 day challenges are very helpful in the sense of you have to start at the beginning so here is Day 1.

Day 1: Know where you start from

Before we start any challenge, it is always beneficial to take note of where we are starting from. A self-compassion challenge is no different in this respect as it is important to see how much you are doing already, are you doing it consistently or are you more, or less self-compassionate at certain times or during certain situations.

Let’s start with a relatively easy task. Here are some questions for you to take time to answer for yourself. You can’t answer for anyone else so if you are doing this challenge with someone else, let them come up with their own answers and don’t let them influence your responses.

  1. What do you understand self-compassion to be?

  2. How are you self-compassionate?

  3. How are you not self-compassionate?

  4. Are there areas in your life that you already know require improvement?

  5. Imagine you are already at the end of this 31-day challenge, what do you want to feel, have learnt, experienced and anything else which springs to mind?

Take your time, you may wish to spread out the questions throughout the day or answer them all in one go. Be honest as only you will see these answers so there is no need to not be honest.


If this has convinced you to check out the book more then please check out this link to buy it on Amazon Kindle.

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