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Being in the moment: life mirroring travel

Whilst I’m not travelling, the travel alphabet has morphed into travelling through the alphabet in a different way in looking at all travel can bring us, the skills, the attitudes and more which are helpful in our daily lives. I’ve certainly found my travel learnings have helped me since March 2020 when travel stopped. I’ve still not ventured further than a few miles away in the car to walk along the nearest beach and for that being in the moment has certainly helped me.

Being in the moment and trying to experience all I can as fully as possible during my travels is a necessary part of my life. This means that even if I am somewhere I don’t wish to be or I’m experiencing something unpleasant, I can see the positives at the same time especially if there is learning or opportunity.

Since lockdown and the travel restrictions which are still in place as more variants are found for COVID-19, being in the moment has helped me in my everyday life and I have shifted those learnings from travel to dealing with life back home. Rather than looking to the future and the end of all this, I’m making the most of every moment to experience all that appears in this new and often challenging day-to-day life. Making a list of the things I would be able to achieve whilst home has allowed me to relax a little and see the positives which in that first week of change was especially important and necessary to my mental health.

In going through the tasks on my to-do list, I’ve felt a sense of achievement and also found an area I can have some element of control over to see an improvement. This is something I often do when going to a new place or country so I can see what I want to learn whilst I am there and tick them off when they are accomplished. For an introvert, this is very helpful.

Moving through the tasks on this list has slowed me to make room for the new that will come through whether that is in making space in my cupboards knowing that there are things to sell when lockdown is over or if it is about making room for new growth in the garden. When we make physical room for new growth in a part of our lives then we also do it for ourselves whether that be physically or mentally.

When I’m travelling, I am more in tune with my body and mind through listening to how I feel and am affected by what happens to me or around me. That is also the case now as I open up to all that this time can offer whilst also acknowledging the sadness, the challenges and the changes that I’m experiencing as well as those around me are going through.

Whilst travelling, being in the moment allows you to hear and experience all around so fully no matter how much noise is surrounding you and I have brought that into my life whilst not travelling. Allowing myself to hear and experience as much as I can and fall into those meditative moments no matter how much noise and stimuli is calling for my attention.

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