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Being reflective in Brussels

Alison Laycock

Brussels was my last stop before heading back to the UK so already before arriving in the city, I was already in a reflective mood. During the past 3 months, I had travelled through the Netherlands, visited Scandinavia and then come back round to Luxembourg and then Belgium as my last stop. Therefore reflection was essential and I will look forward to having Brussels as a future destination where it is the first stop or has a holiday dedicated to it solely so that I can fully enjoy it in it’s own right.

There are many attractions to see in Brussels and it is possible to see them all by taking the Hop On Hop Off Bus which costs €25 and allows you to travel on both lines, Brussels Atomium line 1 and line 2 Brussels Europe. I took the bus on a rainy day which offered the perfect way to get around without getting too wet, although I had to move from the top deck to warm up. It’s a great way to get out to the European Commission and the Parliament as well as seeing the Atomium and the Basilica.


Manneken Pis draws the tourists who all want a photo of the little boy. There are many other statues around which are just as interesting, especially the Jacques Brel statue. Keep an eye out for any others you can find as there are a few by sculptor Tom Frantzen. 

When ready to stop for a few moments, wander round to the Grand Place where you can take a leisurely lunch in one of the cafés around the square, have a pause over a coffee or simply stand in awe of the buildings which surround you. There were many taking photos and selfies so you do need to make sure you look where you’e going as you stare at the architecture around you. 

If you like street art as opposed to seeing the art in a museum, then Brussels is a city for you. You’ll see Tintin art, the Surfs and other paintings which cause you to stop and look. 

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