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Being the Best You Can Be: August Catch up

Being the Best You Can Be is also the name of my business as well as the name of this blog and in this post I would like to share with you some of the mindfulness and other offerings my business provides. Thank you for reading!

There are varied courses, workshops, services and social media possibilities on offer through which everyone can find something to help no matter your circumstances, wishes, learning needs or financial situations. Please of course let me know if something is missing which would help you in any way. Check out for more details or email Alison at 

Courses launch: All these courses are open for booking.

Being the Best You Can Be: This launches September and runs for 6 months. It is a Coaching Mindfully course based around my first book 'Being the Best You Can Be'. The course will only be offered twice a year and the course launch price is only £1000 which rises to £1500 for the next run. The course covers Mindfulness techniques, gratitude, kindness, self-compassion, compassion, travel and much more. The course is open for booking with the closing date as 28th August.

We all Walk our own Camino: This course launches October and runs for 6 months at the course introductory price of £1000. This is based around my book 'We all Walk our own Camino' and offers a coaching course including my learnings from walking the Camino. The course rises to £1500 at the next run through.

Mindfulness and Compassion in Sports: These new courses launch in September and offer Mindfulness and Compassion strategies for those in Sport. The techniques will support and enhance your performance whichever sport, level or stage you are at. Courses are offered a 4 and 6 weeks and last 60-75 minutes via Zoom. 4 week = £100 and 6 week = £150.

Charity: Samaritans

Since setting up this business, I have supported various charities and will continue to do so, however during the pandemic and the following months especially, I wanted to decide on a charity the business itself could support and I have decided on Samaritans. I used to volunteer for Samaritans and I also believe they have provided a great support for those in need during these past few months. In order to raise money for Samaritans, I will be offering my monthly silent half day retreats for £5 donation which will then be donated onwards. Retreats can be booked on the website and they will be once a month on a Sunday from 9am-12.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): An 8-week course with sessions lasting 90 minutes, delivered via Zoom for the next few months. These can be booked for groups of people, families, colleagues as well as on an individual basis. The next dates are up on the website for September 2020 and also for courses running into January 2021. These cost £180 with payment plans in place if you wish to pay in instalments. 

Best YOU: Mindfulness & Compassion course which I have written and deliver myself. There are 2 courses on offer: 4 weeks and 6 weeks and both last 60 - 75 minutes per session and are delivered via Zoom. They can be booked as a group or individual and if the days and times aren't suitable for you then this can be discussed. Both the 4 and 6 weeks courses offer content on gratitude, kindness, self-compassion, compassion for others as well as mindfulness techniques and strategies. The 4 week course is £80 and the 6 week is £120. 

Being YOU = Being the Best YOU: This is a Mindfulness & Compassion course for those identifying within the LGBTQ+ community. The course content focusses on self-compassion, compassion for others, gratitude, kindness and more and is delivered in an inclusive and supportive way. 4 week and 6 week courses are available and the cost is £80 for 4 weeks and £120 for 6 weeks.  


Mindfulness & Compassion Workshops: These are on offer for teachers, students and those working with the LGBTQ+ community and offer the chance to discuss and learn tips and strategies as well as mindfulness and compassion practices to help yourselves as well as those you work with. These are offered as £10 for the hour workshops and £15 for those last 2 hours. 

Gratitude, Positivity and Kindness: This is a 3 hour long workshop focussing on the power of 3: Gratitude, Positivity and Kindness which will also contain techniques and tips to incorporate them all into our lives and to see the benefits we gain from them. This is £10 for 3 hours.

Membership Plans: 

Membership plans: There are 3 payment plans on offer for those wishing to pay regularly to receive a regular newsletter, mindful practices, discounts on courses and much more. They range from £5, £15 and £30 per month. 


Teachers: When I say teachers, I always mean any educators and school staff and anyone who helps children navigate through life. As a secondary school teacher with over 20+ years experience, I understand the life of a teacher and all that entails so offer 25% discount off all courses, services and workshops. 

Pay in full: There is a 10% discount for those wishing to pay for their course in full on booking months in advance. 


Blog posts: During August, I have been posting blogs called Mindfulness for NQTS which take a different aspect each day to offer a new resource for Newly Qualified Teachers to being their NQT year with. All tips and strategies will be applicable for all teachers and educators no matter what your level of teaching experience is.

Social Media: Across social media accounts, I share lots of free tips, techniques and strategies which everyone can access and subscribe to or follow for no charge at all. Here are my accounts: 

Facebook: Being Best with the business page Being the Best You Can Be

Facebook groups: Mindful Walks and Mindfulness across the UK (public), Mindfulness and Compassion for LGBTQ+ community (private) and Mindfulness and Compassion for Teachers/ Educators/ School Staff (public)

Pay it Forward

On my website, you will find various Pay It Forward options so if you would like to donate towards helping someone else access courses or would like to make a donation towards showing gratitude for any of the free resources you have accessed then please check out those options. 

Thank you