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Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits to meditation for both those who mediate and those who share space with them whether that is as friends, colleagues or partners. It is a practice which has been around for centuries and has a place within many faiths although it is often called something different in each religion and can be practised outside of a faith. Everyone can meditate and it can be done anywhere it is needed so forget the image of having to be cross-legged on a mat in a quiet retreat. It is a practice all ages from 5 years old and above can do and indeed share and there are so many benefits that it may be the other people in your life who comment on the changes before you have time all of them. I am yet to hear of any negatives to meditating.  

So let’s get started with these many benefits: 

We get to breathe: Now yes, this may seem a silly place to start as surely we breathe all the time. Yes we do, but how many people breathe deeply often enough for their breath to calm them? Through meditation, we work with our breath no matter which type of meditation we choose and this gives us the opportunity to breathe deeply and calmly as we focus on our breath through the practice. Even if you don’t have enough time to do a full one, the 3 deep breaths of inhaling and exhaling so the person next to you can hear you will offer some release of any tensions or frustrations you may have.

You hear your own voice: Through meditation and giving yourself time to simply be, you will hear your own voice more and more inside and outside of meditation sessions. So if you have a question which needs answering, you will find answers coming up more as you are more open to hearing them.  

You will find you have more time: Some people say they don’t have time to meditate and the advice is that they are the ones who should definitely do some meditation. Through mediation and becoming more calm, you are able to see the important things in life and through letting go of frustrations you will have more time and energy to focus on what you need/ want to do.

Improved relationships: As you become calmer, you will learn to see through the arguments/ disagreements you have with other people. You will become more aware of your reactions in discussions and also become willing to consider why the other person behaves the way they do. This will help you to stop reacting automatically to frustrations and people who know how to wind you up. You will find yourself getting on better with people and if there are some you can’t get on better with you will learn to let them go and focus your energy on those people who matter.

Improved sleep: Through being calmer in the day, working with your breath and being able to breathe deeply at night, you will find you will sleep better and also be able to fall asleep quicker. 

There are many more benefits to meditation, so please get in touch if you wish to share the benefits you have found. We will also be posting about the types of meditation you can do as you may find a couple of ways which work for you. 

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