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Breakfast for one please

James Brok

When I get up, I love having my breakfast on my own. As much as I love my family, this is a perfect time for me to plan my day, reflect on my dreams or anything else I am mulling over. Taking time over my breakfast allows me the quiet time alone that I need to get ready before the rush which will inevitably follow as soon as everyone else rises. I set my alarm for 5am most mornings allowing me time to rise slowly and to take time over each bite and sip of my breakfast as I watch the day come into the light. After breakfast, I  take a relaxed shower knowing no-one will be hammering on the bathroom door wanting to get in. Once ready, I prepare breakfast for the rest of the family so that they may also enjoy a smooth start to their day no matter how sleepy or desperate to talk they are. Taking my quiet time for reflection and planning means I am less frustrated by the breakfast rush and noise and I am able to enjoy the my children’s chatter.  

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