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Come on 2022!

Alison Laycock

Are you ready for your 2022? Have you set your intentions? If you have reviewed your 2021 then this will be easier. 2022 can hold many blessings and be the year of your greatest achievements so let’s focus and set some intentions!

Whatever you wish to achieve over 2022, it may help to have your intentions written down, give yourself a time limit to achieve them by and also reflect on the people already in your life who can help you achieve those goals.

So what will your intentions be for? Personal or professional life? Perhaps this is the year you will find your partner or consolidate your current relationship? Maybe 2022 is the year to get a new job or you will improve your skills in some areas? Do you want to finally write the book you have been promising to write for years or perhaps travel to all those countries you talk about to friends?

Whatever the intention, goal or plan is, make sure you give yourself the chance to reflect and plan it properly as this gives you a better chance of achieving it. If you have a vision board already then make sure you have photos/images or words which make you think of your intention and imagine yourself already at that point. If that doesn’t appeal then choosing a supportive group of friends to share your plans with can help as they can hold you accountable to the change or maybe offer you some insight into how to achieve it and open up opportunities for you.

Write or say them in a positive sense so all that you want to achieve rather than the things you don’t want and give a reason for it as this will engage all your senses and help you imagine it:

  • In 2022 I will learn Spanish to help me get a job in Spain as I enjoy the lifestyle there.

Some also like to write it as if they have already achieved their goal as this helps them imagine their new life.

  • I am living with my loving partner who encourages me in my life

In completing the review of 2021, you may have found that there are goals still outstanding so be honest with yourself whether this is still something you wish to achieve. Do not feel obliged to carry through someone else’s intention for you if it is not in your own plans.

Have a fantastic New Year and all the best for achieving those goals in 2022!

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