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Every day in August: Mindfulness strategies for NQTs

by Alison Laycock

There are many benefits in practising Mindfulness in schools and these apply to all adults and young people. I have included some of them below, however there are many more and I encourage you to find them as it is always great as a NQT to hold on to the positives as much as you can.

  • Improved behaviour

  • Improved personal and professional interactions

  • Improved performance in lessons and achievement

  • Greater confidence and self-esteem

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • More positivity

Every day during August, I’m going to share a tip, strategy or technique which will benefit all teachers as well as NQTs. During my 20+ years of experience as a teacher in the UK and abroad, I have used the techniques I’m sharing, within the classroom as well as in my daily life.

I believe that teachers have similar thoughts and feelings as NQTs every time they make a move whether that be a change in their career or school. Therefore, we can all help each other and make use of all the resources out there rather than trying to develop our own. That is key for the NQT year no matter when you start, make the most out of all resources available to you rather than feeling you have to come up with your own each time.

This is certainly the case for mindfulness, use all those strategies, resources, tips and techniques that you can to help you enjoy your teaching more and get more out of the interactions with your students.

Every day throughout August, these tips will be shared across social media so I’m including my links here. Throughout August, I’m offering meditation/ mindfulness sessions for NQTS/teachers and school staff on 4th, 11th, 18th and 20th August at 7-7.45pm via ZOOM. If interested, please email Alison at

Follow me across social media if you aren’t already to have access to the tips every day:

Facebook: Being the Best You Can Be

Twitter: @alisonlaycock23

LinkedIn: Alison Laycock

You Tube channel: Being the Best You Can Be

I’m also offering 25% off all courses for NQTs who wish to develop their mindfulness and compassion skills and resources more. The courses on offer are the 8 week MBSR programme with sessions lasting 120 mins and there are also 6 week Mindfulness and Compassion courses which last 60 mins each session. If you prefer workshops rather than courses then these are also available and can be checked out and booked via

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