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First view of snow in Oslo

Alison Laycock

The bus journey from Malmö to Oslo took around 7 hours added to by passport control including a dog search of the bus which always adds to the travelling experience. As we crossed the border into Norway, that’s when I caught my first glimpse of snow on this trip and did a whoop of joy to myself so I wouldn’t disturb the other passengers.   


I initially spent 5 nights in Oslo and then returned for another evening on my way back from Bergen and before heading to Stockholm the next day. Unfortunately, I lost a day in the middle due to a heavy cold which knocked me out and but I was lucky it was only a day I lost. 

I always find snow brightens a place and makes everything look so much more beautiful so it would be interesting to visit Oslo again in summer. My first impressions were how friendly the Norwegians seemed to be and I was also preoccupied with trying to remember how to walk on snow which is a skill in itself and one I have not had recent practice with. 

Whilst I was in Oslo, the city and the hotel was buzzing with news of the Nobel Peace Prize which was being presented to the recipients on my first full day there. The story of why the peace prize is presented in Oslo and not in Stockholm with the other Nobel prizes is very interesting but I’ll let you find that one yourselves. 


The cathedral is worth a visit as it is very beautiful inside which I’m sure is not just due to the festive period. As it’s close to the train station and the shopping area, it’s easy to add it to your itinerary. 

Slottsparken, which also houses the Royal Palace offers a peaceful walk which isn’t far from the shopping area but allows you to feel like you have escaped all the hustle and bustle of the city centre. I was lucky to arrive at a time when the Royal guards were parading ahead of the arrival of ambassadors who were meeting with the King. 

There were other sights to see such as the Christmas Market, looking across at the parliament and also coming face to face with the friendly tiger outside of the train station.

From Oslo, I took the train to Bergen which was the most beautiful journey I’ve had in a while. I’m sure I’ve already mentioned it in another post and it is certainly worthy of its own post so it will probably crop up somewhere.

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