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There are many benefits to going solo whether it is in travel or generally in life. I've learnt it's OK walking into places on my own and spending time by myself. For me, it is a natural thing to do. It frees my mind as I'm only thinking of myself, there is no discussion of where I go and what I do.

The amount of times I sit on my own having a coffee and I can hear other couples, families or friends arguing nearby, reassures me each time that I am going the right thing by giving myself ME time. 

When I go to the cinema, for a coffee, lunch or dinner and travel on my own, I am happy and relaxed. I meet more people and am open to more experiences especially when travelling.

I've done this for so long now both during relationships and whilst single that I'm surprised more people, especially women don't spend more time on their own. When friends arrange to meet me but won't go into the venue on their own, I wonder if I felt that way before I started hanging out with myself. Now I don't think twice about it, I just walk on in and don't care what others are thinking or at times, saying.  

When I say I'm doing something on my own then others look at me funny and ask me again who I'm going with. A look of pity comes across their faces until I reassure them that no it's not a question of not having anyone to go with but rather that I want to go on my own that's my choice. 

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When I go for a walk or a coffee on my own then I find I am more creative and find I return home from the walk full of project ideas or I've solved a problem that bothered me. I love observing others, seeing what happens around me and to thinking about myself. Sometimes, I take a book to read if I want to lose myself and be completely focussed in something but it's never used as a cover for being on my own. Many others use their phone as a barrier so they still aren't on their own as they are either talking (loudly) to someone on the other end or they are frantically texting or searching for something to occupy them. There's no need to do that, simply sit on your own and think.  

I encourage others to go SOLO as much as you can or at least try it if the idea makes you anxious. Try it and I'm sure you'll find a positive in it even if you don't do it often try it once in a while and give yourself some time to just be you.   

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