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Happy Pride Month June 2021: Celebrating & supporting us all in being our authentic selves

During Pride month, I will be continuing to support the LGBTQ+ community in the following ways through my business ‘Being the Best You Can Be’ as well as personally:

  • Offering LGBTQ+ specific courses in Mindfulness & Compassion to support all identities

  • 25% discount off courses for LGBTQ+ community

  • Delivering a Mindfulness & Compassion workshop at Pride in Education 3 on 12th June 3-4pm

  • Delivering a LGBTQ+ Masterclass for Meditation/ Mindfulness teachers

  • Sharing information on how Mindfulness & Compassion & more can help support LGBTQ adults & youth to be their full authentic selves

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ charities, currently Stonewall and Diversity Role Models

  • Sharing and promoting LGBTQ+ information & members of the community on social media

This work and support is year round & a lifelong commitment and it will remain so long after June ends.

It is hugely important that we support each other in order for us all to be FREE and to have the same rights. We all have the right to be happy.

There will be much more coming during the month of June both in the form of group and individual/ bespoke offerings through my business as well as through this blog and posted across social media and my website blog.

Please feel free to share any respectful comments you wish to & also get in touch if you have any queries around Mindfulness & Compassion for the LGBTQ+ community. Email Alison: or visit to check out courses & other offerings.

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