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How can I Meditate?

There are many different ways to meditate which is why it is important to give yourself time to find one which suits you as we can guarantee there will be one or even several which you enjoy. There will also be some you don't like which may put you off meditation unless you try other types which is why it is important to be openminded as you try each one. 

So let's see if we can find you one which you will enjoy and stick with. Here are some types you might enjoy although you will find many more so if these don't work, keep looking!

Music: Some people like to meditate to music and others believe it prevents their focus. Some presume they need to listen to calming instrumental music, however in my practice I've always found it depends on my mood and what I need. Listening to songs or even vibrant instrumental music can help me meditate and prepare me for whatever I need to do. I can lose myself in a song and focus on an instrument within a piece of music so much that I finish the meditation refreshed. 

Breath: Simply breathing and concentrating on the breath can also help people relax, however some like to add in counting to 10 which gives them something to focus on. When their minds wander from the focus they will return to one and start again, each time returning to one when their focus wavers. This is a good technique to see how you improve as it is guaranteed that on the first few attempts, you may only get to two or three before having to return to one but with practice you will get to ten.

Mantra: Another way to focus is to meditate to a mantra so on the in breath you may have a word, as the breath turns and also as you exhale. Some people like to create their own mantras so they have something to practise for the day and that works too. 

Object: For this one you focus on an object in front of you. Some like a candle, others like to choose an object of choice wherever they are and others have a favourite scene to mediate in front of.  You allow yourself to lose focus on the object but retain your pattern of breathing and when you are ready you can bring the object into focus as you end your  meditation.

Walking: We walk everyday but how often do we do it mindfully and notice what is happening around us and in our body? In a walking meditation, we can relax and breathe easily and allow our senses to awake and notice all around us and how we are feeling. We can pick up on any discomfort we feel as we walk, any thoughts which come quickly to our minds and allow them space to come back to later. A mindful walk for 20 minutes can leave us refreshed and feeling grateful for what we have in our lives. 

Meditation apps: I have only tried Headspace which works for me for many reasons, however there are others available for you to try. I like Headspace as I can relax to Andy Puddicombe's voice, choose the length of my meditation, choose a pack relevant to my needs and do it whenever and wherever I want once  have downloaded it. 

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