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In awe of Innsbruck

My trip to Innsbruck was a relative quick one compared to a lot of the other places I’d stayed in. My stay was split into two periods as I arrived and stayed a night and then ‘nipped’ into Liechtenstein for a night and then returned to Innsbruck for 2 nights before taking the overnight bus to Brussels. In that short time though I was completely awe struck from that first moment of arriving.

From Vienna, I took the train for a journey which lasted for just over 4 hours. On arrival, I felt the freshness hit my nose and I looked up to the snowy mountains where I could see the small black dots skiing down.


Walking around after checking in, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly as I went through Old Town towards the St James cathedral. I had read that this was an important place in terms of the Camino de Santiago and as  that is a key point in my life so far, I had to head over to say a little prayer of thanks to St James.

The old town had various cafés with seating outside as it was such a warm few days which mixed well with the fresh, clean air. The old buildings were so beautiful and interesting to check out.

I know I will return to Innsbruck some day for a longer period especially as I have seen it isn’t just a destination for skiing or winter sports, there is certainly more to explore away from the mountains. Walking along the river certainly offered a beautiful reflective moment.


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