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It’s never too late to travel

It’s never too late to do many things however travel is especially something which can be done at any age. There are so many holiday options around these days that whatever your interests you can be catered for. If you don’t wish to travel on your own but find yourself without a travel partner, there are many ways of travelling with other people.

On my travels, I’ve met many people along the way of and above a certain age who are either starting their travels or have travelled for many years and simply don’t wish to stop. 

This statement has been on my mind ever since it was said to me during my trip to Oslo and especially now as I explore Bruges, Belgium for a very good reason. My nan was in her mid to late 70s when she had her first opportunity to travel abroad with a friend who had travelled a lot in previous years. Without any previous experience or confidence in travelling, my nan was happy to get her first passport and prepare for a few days away in a foreign country. It was the first of several trips abroad and around the UK to places she hadn’t even considered going to before then. I remember being in awe of my nan, what an inspiration getting to her mid to late 70s and being willing to try something completely new. Of course, she was nervous for her first trip across the channel on a ferry, dealing with a different currency and language and being open to a new culture. 

When my nan turned 80, I was in Tours, France for my year abroad during my degree and she came with my parents to see me without a second thought. How wonderful to be able to share that time with her. 

As I walk the streets of Bruges and look around me, I imagine I’m walking in my nan’s footsteps and seeing some of the things she saw. Over the years, I’ve done far more travelling than my mum and my nan ever did and I am conscious of that freedom continuing as I know I have achieved many more of dreams than they had the opportunity to. 

It is never too late to travel so what are you waiting for?


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