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L is for leaving time

I’m back on the alphabet and now we have reached the letter ‘L’ which I’ve decided to use for the idea of leaving time in many senses. This for me is key in terms of travelling, our lives and the things we choose to do. Why don’t we leave ourselves enough time to do things properly?

At the end of last year, I allocated myself 2 weeks to finish off writing my travel book! Yes, it sounds madness now that I write it, just 2 weeks to write or finish writing a book, really? Even one of my friends questioned this and my answer was the well the majority of it is already written. Some thing which I soon had to admit to myself was simply not true although I had thought there was much less to actually write up and I had managed to convince myself that I could get it all done. Yes, I probably could if I rushed, if I didn’t give myself the time to savour the memories but simply rushed through instead. Luckily, I soon came to the conclusion that I would actually like take my time to finish it in a way that felt right and allowed me to do the travel book justice. 

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In 2018, the plan for this blog was to complete A-Z in a year and it was completed in that way, however this year the year finished with it only reaching letter ‘K’. Again, I could have rushed through writing posts simply to complete the alphabet in the year. However, when I looked back over the posts during 2019, I noticed just how much has been shared during my travels which haven’t always fitted in to the alphabet but have been shared anyway. Going forward this year, I will simply carry on where 2019 left off and give myself time to do them as I would wish tow rite and share travel news, stories or facts. Today is ‘L’ and then ‘M’ will follow as and when it is written and from now on this blog will only share alphabet posts and my other blog 40 countries in my 40s will cover the rest. 

This brings me to travel and leaving ourselves enough time to travel. During the past few months, I’ve seen the value in slowing down and allowing myself enough time to really see and know somewhere. Recently, my time in places has been 2 weeks or a month as opposed to a few nights and I’ve loved it more taking time to walk, sit and watch and really take in somewhere. Of course, I understand how lucky I am to be able to do that and I’m sure there will come a day when that either speeds up again or I choose where to lay my hat for a while and I spend even longer than a month somewhere. 

Maybe with this in mind. its’s no coincidence that my business ‘Being the Best You Can Be’  promotes taking a breath through Mindfulness and Meditation as well as accessing Reiki and Coaching. I’m also offering travel courses which will help clients in their travel planning and enjoying solo travel as well as exploring the idea of completing a long walk and the learnings I took from completing the Camino de Santiago in 2018. 

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Why not leave yourself some or enough time? 

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