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Letter N: New travel book

I realise that I may just be cheating a little here as the new travel book I’m writing about is mine! Yes, this is my travel book and no, this is not the one I may have already mentioned. The book I’ve recently written and uploaded to Kindle as an e-book is called ‘We all walk our own Camino’ and is about my Camino journey and how it has affected me and my life.

This book came into being through a conversation I had with a relatively new friend whilst out walking and I found myself talking about having walked the Camino in 2018. That night I started to consider compiling all the blog posts I wrote whilst on the Camino and putting them all together in an e-book format. It took just over a week to come together and it took the place of the book I am currently writing and believed for a while would be my first travel book. As this Camino led to what I call my 2nd Camino then it is only right that it found it’s way into publication 

I added a new chapter for the book entitled ‘The people I met’ as I realised that in taking out the photos of the people I walked with, I had completely omitted them from my experience. As we know, people are an integral part of our journey so I had to include them somewhere and thank them for all they instigated in me, my thoughts and feelings along the way. 

So, ‘We all walk our own Camino’ became my 1st travel book and I’m happy about that. It is for anyone who has done the Camino as it may help them relive their memories and also it can be for someone who wants to do the Camino at some part of their life. The part I’m also pleased with is that I believe it can also be applicable for anyone who will never walk the Camino and doesn’t wish to. This is because ‘We all walk our own Camino’ is also about how we take responsibility for our own lives and the choices we make and how this if lived fully means we can’t judge others as ‘We all walk our own Camino’. 

Is there a book in you? One you’re not are whether you should or even want to publish? Whatever it is, maybe this will inspire you to share your story as an e-book. We all have some story in us, the choice is whether we share it or not. 

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