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Look after Yourself challenge

During April 2021, I’m guiding a ‘Look after Yourself’ challenge every evening 6-6.30pm (BST) through Zoom. As we ease slowly through and towards the end of lockdown, it is hugely important that we continue to look after ourselves, put ourselves first in some cases and ensure we emerge perhaps more aware of who we are and how we wish to be.

Each evening, we are checking in with an area of discussion which may help participants in some way. For some the topics may be new, whilst for others the discussion offers a chance for consolidation in an area of their life which needs attention or awareness for now.

Whilst leading the challenge, it is also a prompt for me to question myself about where I am currently with the topics. After all, we all need to evaluate our actions and lives no matter where we are along this journey.

There are so many areas which are of value to all so if you are unable to join the challenge (it’s not too late) then perhaps having the written form and trying it by yourself will also help you in some way. I will be blogging about the topics every so often when I get chance starting in April. If they bring you some value, please consider donating through under Book Online and the Pay it Forward options.

If you would like to join, you’ll be very welcome so please email Alison for the Zoom link. The sessions are run on a donation basis and are open to all no matter what the donation may be.

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