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Look after Yourself Challenge: Setting Intentions

Although I won’t be sharing the ideas/ tasks/topics discussed in order, it is appropriate and important to start with the first one which was around ‘setting intentions’. It tied in well with participants setting their own intentions for the challenge as a whole, each session or for some other area of life.

It’s also an essential element of life in general in terms of considering what we hope to achieve through our actions. An intention can set the mood before starting a project and lead us to a desired outcome in terms of practicalities or perhaps more so for attitude and behaviour with ourselves and others.

For a challenge such as this one where there is a session every evening, the intention could be to turn up every evening and simply be there. Perhaps it is more around being open to new ideas and ways of adapting our lives and then a step further could be to make an intention to integrate those areas needed into our lives as and when we can. There could also be daily intentions we use within our own life such as having the intention to always interact with others in a way which reflects our values or something else with serves us and others.

Sharing our intention with others encourages us to commit more to ourselves and to our intention as we make ourselves accountable for what we profess we will do or how we will be within that intention. Personally, I like to be accountable to myself as I know that works best for me so I may write it in my journal or simply say it to myself at times as a reminder. Whatever helps you remain committed to achieving or meeting your intention is the better one to choose.

The intention can be a stretch/ challenge, bring you to the middle or edges of your comfort zone or allow you to sit comfortably throughout depending on what is required for this moment in time. This will naturally change every time you set an intention as you and the situation will be different and that’s perfectly OK.

So what intention will you set today? Will it be practical focussed or attitude/ behavioural? Who will you share it with? and how will you ensure you stay on target to meet your intention?

There are so many areas which are of value to al throughout this challenge and perhaps having the written form and trying it by yourself will also help you in some way. I will be blogging about the topics every so often when I get chance starting in April alongside the challenge. If these bring you some value, please consider donating through under Book Online and the Pay it Forward options.

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