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Losing a day in Ghent

Alison Laycock

Part of travelling is accepting that you have to deal with whatever situation may arise and in Ghent I did just that as I lost a day due to illness. I’d planned on 3 nights in Ghent before I carried on to Brussels and if I hadn’t already booked my accommodation for my final stop, then I would have added another night in Ghent to make up for lost time. But to that lost day of sightseeing, I’m going to do this post slightly different to all my others. Let’s turn this into a positive and jump at the chance to try something new.  

Instead of writing about the places I saw whilst I explored I’m going to simply let you see the photos from my walk around Ghent. I loved the buildings and the canals and I hope you’ll see from these photos how beautiful this place is. It has a slightly different feel to Bruges but it is still inviting to the traveller who simply wants to walk around and take it all in. You’ll see from the photos that there is also a link to the Camino in Ghent as well as in Bruges and later I would find the same in Brussels. 






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