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Love for imperfect things: Haemin Sunim

With the subtitle ‘How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection’, this is a worthy sequel to ‘The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down’. This book holds a key message that will benefit anyone who picks it up, whether you choose passages or read it all the way through, there will be something which resonates with you.     

On discussing my thoughts about the first book with a friend, I learnt that there was already a second as I had been late in reading the first. Although I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this next one so soon, that all changed when I opened it up in Waterstones, Chester. The first chapter is on ‘self-care’ with two sub chapters entitled ‘Don’t Be Too Good’ and ‘Your Existence Is Already Enough’ and that was enough for me to know that this book was indeed for me to read right away. like the first book, I have kept this with me despite having finished reading it. Normally, when travelling once a book is read then I will leave it for someone else to read, however there are now 2 books which are permanent residents in my luggage and then out on my desk in my accommodation as I know that they are both worthy of a 2nd read and that I will get so much from them.

This book has longer passages at the beginning of the sections to explain a bit more and the detail is certainly helpful rather than a burden to read. It has the same power of relaxing you as the first book does when you sit down to read, there is an immediate calm that comes over you and accompanies you through your reading.

I already hope there is another one coming soon as I’m sure it will get me thinking my life through yet again.  

#Buddhism #HaeminSunim #Love #Mindfulness

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