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Mental Health Week: 10th-16th May: Go into Nature

This year’s theme for Mental Health Week is ‘nature’ and understandably so as it can have a huge effect on our mental health. Appreciating nature as well as getting out into nature can lift our moods, lower our stress levels and give us time to get our dose of Vitamin D.

This is an important part of our day, however being out in nature can be put off due to bad weather or simply believing we have no time. We spend a lot of time inside for work and other parts of our day and often when feeling so tired, we will want to sleep or relax in front of the TV. However, why not try getting outside into nature as much as you can, feel the breeze on your face, listen to the birdsong and get your dose of vitamin D.

This week, could you make a point of getting outside more in nature or bringing it into your house/ place of work more?

Go for a walk during lunch break in work/ school if possible, stretch your legs and let go of any frustration or any other emotions you may be feeling. You and other around you will feel the benefits of this. A walk will get you out of your head and back into your body as well as giving you space in your day to feel and think whatever is going through your mind.

Get out into nature as much as you can after work at the end of the day and during the weekend. Whether this is for a walk or another activity, make sure you feel every part of it and allow yourself to enjoy every part of it. Focus fully on the activity, who you are with, what you see, what you hear and how it makes you feel.

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