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Mindfulness for NQTs: Kindness

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Kindness is important at all times through the school day and here I want to reiterate how important it is not just towards the students but also for yourself. Anyone starting a new career will be anxious and wanting to create the best possible impression to prove to yourselves and others that you were worthy of the job. So, let's start there with the kindness. You have already proved that you are worthy of the job otherwise you wouldn't be there so now is the time to build on that. Be kind. 

Model kindness: throughout towards all students and students to each other as well as students towards teacher and students to themselves. Show students how to be positive about themselves and their achievements by sharing yours with them and speak kindly to yourself if something doesn't go to plan in the lesson. 

Encourage students to recognise the good and kindnesses: This can be through a gratitude list or at the end of the lesson when they talk about their positives or kindnesses they have received and offered to others. This is appropriate for all subjects and age groups as all students will benefit from raising their vibration and being more optimistic and positive in their outlook. 

Acknowledging the good for you: It is easy, far too easy in fact to focus on the negatives within our lessons, however it is essential for you to take time to acknowledge what went well. Rather than thinking the behaviour wasn't great or something went wrong, consider what went right, who learnt, was it paced well and much more. Sometimes when things don't go to plan, we find a different and often even better way which we may not have considered before. 

Knowing yourself and what you need: This is an extension of kindness and comes from self-awareness and knowing which people and situations are positive for you, which aren’t and how to access support and engage the strategies you need in those moments. Make sure you build into your day, evenings and weekend some activities which benefit you and sustain you rather than drain you in your work and your life. 

Encouraging students to know themselves & what they need: This is the next step to the one above. Once you know yourself and take time out to look after yourself, you can model this to the students in sharing what you do to look after yourself, in situations and also to make sure you take a break. This will help students interact well with each other as they will be taking care of some of their own needs in class and know they can as you, the teacher is modelling it to them.

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