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Mindfulness for NQTs: Mantra

Finding and using a positive, energising or soothing mantra can help you make the transition of a morning into your teaching role and then back in the evening to your personal life. For some it is words which have the greatest impact and for others it could be deciding on their teacher ‘uniform’ which immediately puts them in the role allowing them to be professional whatever is going on.

What will it be for you? Maybe you have it already from your PGCE year?

As a MFL teacher, I always spoke the main language I was teaching around the school so outside of class as I passed students I would greet them with ‘Bonjour’ to encourage them to also practice the language outside of the French lessons. I was called ‘Madame” which was different to ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs’ like other female staff so that for me was the role I put on when I dressed for work.

In fact, the mantra I would use with students has since become the name of my business as I would say to them ‘you can only be the best YOU can be’ so from that came ‘Being the Best You Can Be’.

These tips will be shared all through August to prepare NQTs for this coming year. They can also be found across social media on my accounts.

Book your place on one of the 30 minute workshop every Wednesday through August through only for £5. Facebook: Being the Best You Can Be Facebook group: Mindfulness and Compassion for Teachers, Educators and School Staff Twitter: @alisonlaycock23 

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