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Mindfulness for NQTS: Move

Move your body as much as you can as it is so easy to get stuck in a position where we hold ourselves whilst teaching and then also when we are marking and planning. So, move your body as much as you can. Movement will always help as exercise can lift the mood and just ease any tensions you have and are holding in your body and mind.

You can choose a mindful practice to do as mindfulness isn’t just practiced through sitting down and remaining in one position. A Mindful walk is another option as that is great for noticing your environment and also your body. Or why not choose a selection of movements which suit you and your body so that you can continue to do them wherever you are.

Move to bring yourself out of your head and into your body. You will be so pleased you do. These tips will be shared all through August to prepare NQTs for this coming year. They can also be found across social media on my accounts.

Book your place on one of the 30 minute workshop every Wednesday through August through only for £5. Facebook: Being the Best You Can Be Facebook group: Mindfulness and Compassion for Teachers, Educators and School Staff Twitter: @alisonlaycock23 

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