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Mindfulness for NQTs: Name it to tame it

by Alison Laycock

Through being self-aware and knowing which thoughts and feelings are arising in each moment and situation, we can take control and allow ourselves space to respond rather than react. This is especially important in the situations you will find yourself in with colleagues, students and parents.

Name it to tame it allows us to identify the thoughts and feelings we are having in the moment and in doing so we can take the sting out of the emotion so that it doesn’t control us. We may notice that what we initially thought was happening inside and outside of us, isn’t actually the case and perhaps there is another or different emotion, thought or feeling that we need to deal with.

In knowing what the issue is, we can then start giving ourselves what we need in that moment itself or simply promise ourselves that we’ll sort it out soon. This will help the situation more than if you just reacted in the moment.

This is also a technique to teach students and help them become more aware of what they are thinking and feeling. The teacher can model it by showing their students how they do it and how it helps. With more students and teachers using this technique, there can be an improvement in behaviour as communication is improving rather than the students and teacher simply reacting to each other.

Every day throughout August, these tips will be shared across social media so I’m including my links here. Throughout August, I’m offering meditation/ mindfulness sessions for NQTS/teachers and school staff on 4th, 11th, 18th and 20th August at 7-7.45pm via ZOOM. If interested, please email Alison at

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I’m also offering 25% off all courses for NQTs who wish to develop their mindfulness and compassion skills and resources more. The courses on offer are the 8 week MBSR programme with sessions lasting 120 mins and there are also 6 week Mindfulness and Compassion courses which last 60 mins each session. If you prefer workshops rather than courses then these are also available and can be checked out and booked via

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