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Mindfulness for NQTs: Review

by Alison Laycock

Well, we are through August and some of you will have already started the new school year and some just about to depending on where you are in the world. It has been wonderful meeting some of you in the workshops and I have very much enjoyed learning about

Education in your countries and how the systems are similar and also differ. The techniques are relevant wherever you teach so I’m looking forward to hearing how they go so even if you haven’t attended a workshop, please let me know what you have tried from the blog posts we have discussed over the past month. These will still remain accessible on the blog and if you wish then please also join the Facebook group mentioned at the end of the post as I will be posting techniques in there from time to time.

So, let’s do a quick review of the posts so that you will have a link for all in one post to access easily. You will have noticed that some posts overlap and that’s perfectly natural as no idea stands alone within mindfulness and ideas, techniques and more often complement each other and help build up and complete the jigsaw.

We looked at how to bring positivity, gratitude, kindness and a supportive atmosphere and integration into the classroom as well as the whole school in Mindfulness for NQTs: Kindness, Mindfulness for NQTS: Acknowledge all the small successes, positives & improvements, Mindfulness for NQTs: Gratitude, Mindfulness for NQTs: Positive self-talk and Mindfulness for NQTs: Collect the positives.

At various points we looked at knowing yourself and how looking after yourself is important and once you have that knowledge and experience, why not pass it on to the students so that they can build up those resources too. These were purposely posted throughout the month to ensure there were timely reminders for all to practise self-care and more. This came through in Mindfulness for NQTs: Self-awareness, Mindfulness for NQTs: Self-Care, Mindfulness for NQTs: Self-soothing techniques and Mindfulness for NQTs: It’s OK to not be OK.

There were some techniques as the focus of the post in Mindfulness for NQTs: Breathe, Mindfulness for NQTs: S.T.O.P exercise, Mindfulness for NQTs: Name it to tame it, Mindfulness for NQTs: Check in and Scan through, Mindfulness for NQTs: Mantra, Mindfulness for NQTs: Visualise, Mindfulness for NQTs: Reset and Mindfulness for NQTs: Move.

Some posts covered how you can present yourself as a teacher and create a great classroom environment and atmosphere to support you and the students such as Mindfulness for NQTs: Classroom Environment, Mindfulness for NQTs: Pay attention to your words, Mindfulness for NQTs: Beginner’s Mind, Mindfulness for NQTs: Mindful/ Compassionate listening, Mindfulness for NQTs: Resilience, Mindfulness for NQTs: Go into nature and Mindfulness for NQTs: The best teachers are also students.

Other posts combine all of the above and also standalone Mindfulness for NQTs: Silence, Mindfulness for NQTs: See the individual, Mindfulness for NQTs: Be present, Mindfulness for NQTs: Humour, Mindfulness for NQTs: It’s OK not to know the answer and Mindfulness for NQTs: Let go.

I hope these have helped you in some way in your teaching and/or your personal life and I wish you all the best for this NQT year and more beyond. Remember to take time out for you whenever you can or need to.

Every day throughout August, these tips will be shared across social media so I’m including my links here. Throughout August, I’m offering meditation/ mindfulness sessions for NQTS/teachers and school staff on 4th, 11th, 18th and 20th August at 7-7.45pm via ZOOM. If interested, please email Alison at

Follow me across social media if you aren’t already to have access to the tips every day:

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I’m also offering 25% off all courses for NQTs who wish to develop their mindfulness and compassion skills and resources more. The courses on offer are the 8 week MBSR programme with sessions lasting 120 mins and there are also 6 week Mindfulness and Compassion courses which last 60 mins each session. If you prefer workshops rather than courses then these are also available and can be checked out and booked via

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