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Mindfulness for NQTs: S.T.O.P exercise

No don't stop stop but use the S.T.O.P exercise when needed and it is something you can also teach to your students. I used it (and still use it) often in teaching with students and also for me during the lessons, teaching day and in my personal life too. If you prefer to watch a clip about this then visit my You Tube channel 'Being The Best You Can Be' to hear it being explained and it is also on Facebook: Being the Best You Can Be and within Facebook Group: Mindfulness and Compassion for Teachers/ Educators and School Staff. If you prefer to read it then here it is.

This exercise can be used internally rather than having to verbalise it so no-one around need know that you are doing it which is why it is perfect for classroom and other situations. 


S= Stop: whatever you’re doing, just pause (as long as safe to do so)

T =Take a breath and follow it coming in and going out if it helps, (internally) say ‘in’ as you’re      breathing in and ‘out’ as you let it go

O = Observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Name them if that will help and observe how the body feels.

P = Proceed mindfully. Is there something you need to move into the next moment? Can a chat with a friend help? Do you need a drink of water? Will fresh air help? Once you can then proceed either doing what you need to do to help you or promise yourself you will access what you need at the next available opportunity. 

A teacher can show this to students talking them through each part and then also modelling it in class and students can model that to each other, sharing what they are doing and trusting that it’s ok to STOP when needed.

These tips will be shared all through August to prepare NQTs for this coming year. They can also be found across social media on my accounts.

Book your place on one of the 30 minute workshop every Wednesday through August through

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Facebook group: Mindfulness and Compassion for Teachers, Educators and School Staff

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