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Mindfulness for NQTs: Self-care

This topic of self-care has come within other posts so far and will still come up within other topics, however it does deserve its own post. Self-care is such an important aspect of our lives and especially as teachers, we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves as well as doing so much within our professional lives.

What do you do at the moment which gives you some me-time? How do you take care of yourself during the day, evenings, weekends and holidays? Have there been times in your training year when your self-care came last on your list of priorities? What was the result? How do you want to maintain your self-care routine this year?

Once you’ve answered those questions, hopefully you have an idea of your patterns when you do take care of yourself and what happens when you let go of that routine. It’s important that you look at your own self-care routine, wishes and how you fulfil them so that the focus is you and you are the one who understands yourself the most. So rather than me listing out what you could have as part of your routine, it is best for you to work that out yourself.

Once you look after yourself, you will be better placed to look after others and to also model this to students and encourage them to sort out their self-care too These tips will be shared all through August to prepare NQTs for this coming year. They can also be found across social media on my accounts.

Book your place on one of the 30 minute workshop every Wednesday through August through only for £5. Facebook: Being the Best You Can Be Facebook group: Mindfulness and Compassion for Teachers, Educators and School Staff Twitter: @alisonlaycock23 

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