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Mindfulness for NQTs: Silence

As a teacher, we speak a lot and also deal with a lot of noise throughout the day in all its formats wanted and unwanted. It is therefore important to build in silence to your day and life outside of school.

Now, I'm not talking about the shsh train in class when we try to get students to listen by ssshiing them many times, which doesn't work by the way. I am however talking about building in proper silence, warm silence and especially the silence which allows you and the students to find some relief in their day. 

So, let's look at silence for you first. This can be throughout the day and also outside of school in the evenings and weekends. Find time to be silent as you will hear your own voice more and more and you'll be able to hear your body and be used to knowing what your body and thoughts and feelings are trying to tell you. 

Silence allows you to reset, take a break and recharge your batteries which are all really important for how you will go into the next day or the next week. Plan time into your day/ week during term time and during the holidays to be silent where it's just you and the walk you are on or the activity you are doing. 

You can also build this into your lessons where students are encouraged to be in silence, not a harsh just having been told off for making too much noise but a warm silence which allows them to be themselves full in that moment and all that will follow. If you as the teacher know the benefits of silence then you can share that wholeheartedly with your students. Show them that in times of social media often being too loud in their lives, that it's ok to switch off and be by themselves, listening to themselves. 

The more you do it and you and the students learn the benefits of silence in your lessons and life overall, you will find those silences naturally come more and more. 

Go embrace the silence!

These tips will be shared all through August to prepare NQTs for this coming year. They can also be found across social media on my accounts.

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