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Mindfulness for NQTs: Visualise

Now we have reached the end of the posts towards Mindfulness for NQTs and tomorrow’s post will be a review with all the links together in one post. If you haven’t read them all so far then tomorrow’s post will provide you with one place to access them all.

The one I believe brings all the preceding ones together as you now have the opportunity to visualise what you want to happen and how you wish to be as a teacher and a person. How will you interact with yourself, your students, your colleagues and your family and friends?

How will you look after yourself and ensure you can still have energy left at the end of the day? What and who will support you? How will you make your classroom a mindful environment for you and your students?

There is lots more you can visualise so I’ve only included a few of the options above to get you started and to give you an idea of what this can look like. Some people like to visualise through writing their thoughts down, some like to draw whilst others like to do it through meditation and some will prefer to talk it through with others. Whichever is your preferred way then great go for it as any will work as visualisation in any form will allow yourself time to focus on you and your performance.

Visualisation can be done once and for some that will work for so long, whilst others may prefer to do it every morning or even throughout the day if you require different approaches for different students.

Have fun with it and play with your techniques if you wish to as you don’t need to visualise in the same way all the time. These tips have been all through August to prepare NQTs for this coming year. They can also be found across social media on my accounts and accessed throughout the year.

Book your place on one of the 30 minute workshop every Wednesday through September and also further on if required through only for £5. Facebook: Being the Best You Can Be Facebook group: Mindfulness and Compassion for Teachers, Educators and School Staff Twitter: @alisonlaycock23 

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