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My book dedications: My 7th book: Mindful Finances by Alison Laycock

My 7th book ‘Mindful Finances: 31 day challenge to help boost your earnings, understanding and financial attitude’ came as a surprise and just like the 6th one prevented me from writing the book I had already started to write. When that happens I have learnt to accept it and keep the other one on hold until it is ready again and it still hasn’t returned to me yet.

The Mindful finance challenge is something I have delivered both as a 31 day challenge and also as a 6/8 week course and know it works well.

The dedication came as I was writing and especially during the times we are in now (2023 when it was published in March) as lots of people are struggling and sometimes we can go into self-blame, guilt or shame for our financial situation. None of those feelings help us whereas realising how much we are doing our best can encourage us along any journey.

‘To all of you who are doing your best in these difficult times and simply wanting to get ahead or stay ahead. Keep going, you’re doing a fantastic job!’

If you want to check the book out, please do using this link to Amazon. The book is priced at £4.99 which will come back to you many times over if you can follow the challenge through to the end.

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