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My book dedications: My 9th book: Self-Compassion: 31-day challenge to take care of yourself

by Alison Laycock

This is my 9th book! I have to pinch myself at that thought and fact. I finished the book end of September and then held back until 1st November to publish it as I haven’t previously published in November before.

I am very pleased with this book especially as it is a 31-day challenge I have led through my business and the content has appeared in my courses. Some of the content is different and some is similar to the challenge and courses so is fresh for all.

The dedication came to me for the final draft I think, however it is an obvious one.

‘In gratitude to all who encourage me to be self-compassionate.

For all who need a reminder that you are also worthy of compassion, after all we are all someone.’

‘We can’t practice compassion with other people if we can’t treat ourselves kindly’.

Brené Brown

I love all Brené Brown quotes and I searched specifically for self-compassion quotes rather than having one ready as I wanted to have a fresh one for the book rather than one I use in my sessions.

Here s the link to buy the book through Amazon if you would like to see and learn more.

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