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My book dedications: My My 8th book: Travel A-Z rather than just A-B: by Alison Laycock

My 8th book and 3rd travel book entitled ‘Travel A-Z rather than just A-B: A-Z of travel stories, tips, places and more’ was compiled and self-published on Kindle on 30th August 2023. It was completed in 8 and a half hours over 2 days. There will be a separate post perhaps on that statement if the moment takes me.

I am posting this post ahead of the excerpt as it falls now within the book dedications series of posts rather than breaking it up with an excerpt post, that can come next as although Book 9 is finished, it won’t be self-published until November which is the next month I am yet to publish in.

So the dedication for this book is:

‘To all who have travelled from A- Z with me over the years and the many experiences I have had, the countries I have visited and had the pleasure of living in. In gratitude to the strangers who became friends and family and who have created many more A-Zs with me and to those who are in my future travels.’

‘The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’


I wrote it after having finished the book orI should say it naturally wrote itself as it is clear that with any travel books I write from my experience, that the people involved have to hold the dedication.

The quote just fits the book completely as the world is a book. This book brings it into being and hopefully encourages you to turn the page, both in terms of reading the book and also in encouraging you to travel.

If you wish to check the book out then please click on the link below which will take you to Kindle.

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