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My evening routine

Do you have an evening routine to follow for optimum sleep? Do you take time to relax & switch off before bedtime? Is your bedroom laid out in a way to promote good sleep?

These (and more) are all things to consider before settling down at night so that you enable your body to heal & reset each night.

Here’s some of my routine I follow to make sure I sleep well so am rested and ready for the next day.

1) Phones & devices off: 8pm for business when my last course & interaction will finish. 9pm for personal calls etc if not before

2) Read before bed: whether it’s a book or magazine, I make sure to switch off from anything that’s happened in the day & lose myself in something

3) Shower/ Bath: Either before reading or after, I like to wash off the day & let go of anything bothering me

4) Clothes for the next day: I choose what I will wear the next day & lay them out ready

5) Notebook & pen: I write down anything on my mind or anything I want to find answers to & keep that next to my bed ready for my morning pages the next day.

6) Water: I have water before bed, next to my bed for during the night & also to drink when I wake.

7) Meditation: whether sitting or lying down I do my meditation before bed which is generally between 30- 60 mins

What’s your evening routine?

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