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Online Travel Course

Travel has provided me with some amazing experiences and a great outlook on life as I have mixed with some amazing people, made friends and found family in different cultures. It is an important part of my life, my past, present and future. My travel experience includes living and working abroad, completing travel challenges as well as travelling solo all around the world with extensive knowledge of Cameroon, Nepal and St Helena. My most recent solo travel has included Europe and I have also travelled to India, Bhutan, Tibet as well as travelling to all but one continent.

Are you interested in solo travel and want to learn more? Want to share your experiences and ask specific questions linked to your destination and type of holiday? This travel course is for women travelling SOLO and it includes many tips and sharing of experiences as well as support offered before, during and after.

As well as learning the practical tips for before, during and after your trip, you'll also learn:

1) the advantages of opening up to more

2) the kindness of others

3) the cultural differences which allow you to stop back and examine your own culture with fresh eyes

4) You'll gain the confidence to allow yourself to pt your plan into action

5) Learn how to save money and also how the trip of a lifetime does not need to cost a fortune

6) Develop planning skills for solo trips so that you can rely on yourself

7) Better understand yourself and all the strengths/ skills you already have from your daily life.

8) Enjoy a safe trip

9) Get the most of of your experience

10) How to make the most of all life has to offer

This course is for anyone who wants to travel solo and also for those who already have. This is divided over 4 weeks to ensure participants also get a chance to ask questions as well as learn all the above skills.

Check out the course details and get in touch to book or ask any questions through

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