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Review: Our A to Z

Wow, we made it! It is now time for us to review our travel alphabet this year. When we set out on this journey, our main idea was to be able to offer advice and travel encouragement as well as sharing stories and tips with and from those amongst us who love travelling. We are lucky to have had contributions from many other travel writers who have provided one or more ideas or contributions and we have travelled through a number of countries. Let’s review our journey!

So, did you journey with us for all of the alphabet or perhaps you just dipped in and out choosing whichever one to read depending on the place it covered. If you read them all then you would have travelled to Bhutan with Alison A Buddhist in Bhutan and followed her Camino journey which began with Called to the Camino, 

If you’re into diving then hopefully you joined Dave Diving in the Chuuk islands or perhaps you journeyed to France with Carolyn who described how she started a new life with her husband and daughter in France Falling for France and found kindness amongst her neighbours Kindness of others

Rachel took us around the UK in her Nostalgic N for Nostalgia  project to celebrate her 60th birthday and we had contributions from reader’s for their favourite places around the United Kingdom.

We also had the opportunity to visit St Helena thanks to Sharon Sharing The Scenic Sights Of St Helena Island and we also heard about Garron and Kerry’s Gifts from GK Crafts   where you can purchase souvenirs or gifts from St Helena online or from their shop if you happen to be visiting St Helena. 

Darren took us on a Road Trip – Discovering The Real USA  and we recently visited Chester Zoo with Alison and her goddaughter. 

In addition to the countries explored we also used the alphabet to look at certain aspects of travelling from Let’s start with A for ASK!, O for Opportunities to travel and Travel tips

We also wanted to explore different types of holidays V for Volunteering or is it Voluntourism , Wonders of walking  , X for Xmas escapes as well as You, yourself and you and how we can enhance those experiences Holidaying with a friendIntentions for travelling, Joys of travel journaling, Learning languages for travel and Mindful travel.

The posts have also encouraged Candid Conversations, being a tourist in your own area in Exhibitions for everyone and we debated P for Photo Etiquette and answered some of your Questions about travel. 

In addition to the alphabet posts, we have been very lucky to have also published Alison’s posts about her journey along the Camino and her current travels in Europe with minimalism in mind as well as interviews she has conducted with fellow pilgrims and also Nigel Cartner, a travel author. These have also been shared with our sister blog Being the best you can be and have been well received on both blogs. Although we have finished our journey through the alphabet for this year, we will continue to post Alison’s updates as she continues her travels now from Sweden to Norway and then no doubt more places before returning to the UK.

We will be back in the New Year with an update of where our blog will go to. We hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as we have and we would like to thank all our readers, contributors and correspondents as you have helped us immensely throughout this year. 

In the meantime, Bon Voyage and Buen Camino!


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