Self-care/ staying healthy whilst travelling

Self-care is important on a daily basis, however the routines that we build up in our ‘usual’ life can be easily forgotten when we travel. Therefore, it is important to consider how you will stay healthy during your travels/ holidays, well before you pack your suitcase.  

When we travel or holiday whether it is alone or with our friends or family, we often give ourselves the opportunity to experience new things and try out different foods and drinks. All of this is great and often gives us amazing memories even if one of the experiences we have is food poisoning. However, for some experiencing new things and constantly meeting new people can also exacerbate any negative feelings. 

Before you go, there are ways of making sure you can still maintain your level of self care and stay healthy whilst you are away and on your return. Let’s look at a few:

Exercise: Are you are used to exercising on a daily basis or a set amount of times during the week in order to relax? Are you are training for a sporting event? Ask yourself how you will maintain your routine whilst you are away. Is there a gym where you are staying? Can you jog near the hotel? or is there a different routine you can try out whilst you are away which will continue to help you?

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Preparing your body: Does your holiday involve more activity than you would normally do at home? Will you be eating different foods to what your body is used to? Then when you book your holiday, make sure you are making changes in your diet or your routine immediately so your body has time to prepare. 

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Stay hydrated: This is as important before the holiday as it is during your holiday especially if you are flying as you don’t want to arrive at your holiday destination feeling rough because you haven’t drunk enough. Make sure you are drinking enough water whilst away as you can easily start feeling the effects of dehydration way before you know that you are. Lots of people focus on this in hot countries but it is also important in colder climates. 

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Know what is important to you: If there is something in your daily routine which you will miss and is important to you then try to find a way to incorporate it into your travels. For example, amongst our bloggers there are a few who meditate on a daily basis   so they make sure they have a way of doing this whilst away. Some know they need music whilst on transport so will make sure they have cheap ways of taking music away with them. Whatever it is you need, then rather than doing without it try to see if you can take it with you.

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Switch off: Whether this is switching off from social media, turning off your devices or just literally giving your mind a break then decide how long you will give yourself to do this during the holidays. Can you manage the whole time? will you still need to be contactable at certain times? Set your boundaries before you go away. 


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Be present: Why we spend lots of money on holidays and then don’t take it all in or don’t fully engage with a different culture is beyond me. Make the decision to be there wherever you are and whoever you are with completely. Block out everything else which isn’t important and focus on your thoughts and feelings in that moment. This will help you to remember your holidays rather than returning home having forgotten most of what happened or what you saw whilst away. 

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